Assembly advice: barbecues and ovens

Assembly advice: barbecues and ovens

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Rules for installation and use


Place: The surface should be flat and resistant. It should be away from sources of fuel. Prevailing winds should be taken into consideration when deciding on the orientation. Take your neighbours into consideration when choosing the place.


Assembly advice: Use the explanatory diagram for assembly. All the pieces of the barbecue should be stuck with mortar and cement-glue. The pieces should be laid level for each row.

In cold, damp countries and regions, the barbecue may be protected with a waterproofing material.

The pieces should be treated and moved with care.

Use and preservation

After assembling the barbecue, wait 72 hours before using it.


Use wood or charcoal with moderation, avoid excessive flames in the chimney to prevent expansion.

The barbecue may be cleaned with machines using a pressure of up to 60 bars.

If you do not use the barbecue regularly, you should remove the grill and oil it with cooking oil and store it in a dry place.

charcoal for BBQ

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