Information about shipments

The products are carefully packed protected and covered.


All prices include VAT.

Internet orders:

It is very important that you fill in this information so that we can deliver your order to your house without delay.

- Name and surname/s of customer
- ID card number
- Street and number
- City/town
- Postcode
- Country
- Province, county or state
- Telephone number
- Time and day for delivery


Our goods are delivered by Azkar and its subsidiary companies throughout Spain and Europe.

Transport price is included with the total payment.

Taxes are included with transport, insurance and IVA.

The deliveries will send outdoor of your home.

Zone list for each country included in our payment sistem.


Payment may be made by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal.

The products will not be delivered until full payment has been received.


If the material is in stock, delivery takes between four and ten working days depending on the country and area.


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